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Aug 1st-3rd 2014 • Kentucky International Convention Center • Louisville , KY 40202 animation , anime , celebrity , doctor who , film , horror , science fiction , star trek ,

Fandomfest is Louisville’s own Comiccon! With over 30,000 attendees last year, this year will certain be an amazing experience!

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Aug 8th-11th 2014 • East Lansing,MI 48823


Aug 1st-3rd 2014 • Fort Wayne,IN 46802


Aug 1st-3rd 2014 • New Orleans,LA 70130

Fright Night Film Fest

Aug 1st-3rd 2014 • Louisville,KY 40202

Fantasia Film Festival

Jul 27th-Aug 5th 2014 • Montreal,QC H2X 2S6

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  • Apply Jakob Nielsen's usability guidelines. See also: Web Pages That Suck and Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think.
  • Be specific when telling people what's been updated on your web site. "Website updated" is useless info to most.
  • Do not "auto-play" audio on your site. Co-workers don't need to know my plans for SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!
  • Provide PDF files for documents that should be printed: registration forms, mailed documents, flyers, etc.
  • It isn't the Internet that's killing cons. BlizzCon (a con dedicated to a MMORPG) had 35,000 people attend in '08.

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