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KotoriCon [tweet this] KotoriCon website kotoricon on Twitter KotoriCon Facebook

Jan 9th-10th 2015 • Rowan College at Gloucester County • Sewell , NJ 08080 anime , science , space , writing ,

6th Annual KotoriCon Charity Fundraiser! Join us at a SPACE themed KotoriCon. There will be anime, time-travellers, Jedi, mecha, and Kotori floating about as a cute planetoid. KotoriCon is an anime convention,with guests, panels, performances, dealers, artists, Charity Auction, and more. Tickets are limited and no tickets will be sold at the door.

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Afterlife Paranormal Conference & Film Festival

Nov 21st-23rd 2014 • Dekalb,IL 60115


Oct 31st-Nov 2nd 2014 • Cromwell,CT 06416


Nov 14th-16th 2014 • Colchester,VT 05446


Nov 13th-16th 2014 • Long Beach,CA 90802

Anime NebrasKon

Oct 31st-Nov 2nd 2014 • Omaha,NE 68124

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  • Apply Jakob Nielsen's usability guidelines. See also: Web Pages That Suck and Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think.
  • Be specific when telling people what's been updated on your web site. "Website updated" is useless info to most.
  • Do not "auto-play" audio on your site. Co-workers don't need to know my plans for SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!
  • Provide PDF files for documents that should be printed: registration forms, mailed documents, flyers, etc.
  • It isn't the Internet that's killing cons. BlizzCon (a con dedicated to a MMORPG) had 35,000 people attend in '08.

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