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Jul 26th-27th 2014 • Seagate Convention Centre, Toledo, OH 43604 • MILES: 93.17 / KM: 149.94

anime, cosplay, manga,

Glass City Con is Toledo’s premiere otaku convention, celebrating Japanese animation, gaming, cosplay, and the culture of fans. This is a fancy, life-affirming way of describing this gathering of like-minded nerds who converge on an unsuspecting city donned in costume, ravage its food, lodging, and anime, and disappear as a plague of locust o’er the land.

Ikasucon [tweet this] Ikasucon website ikasucon on Twitter

Aug 1st-3rd 2014 • Grand Wayne Convention Center, Fort Wayne, IN 46802 • MILES: 0 / KM: 0

anime, cosplay, manga,

Indiana&rsuo;s Premiere Japanese Animation and Pop culture Convention.


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