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Starbase Indy 2017

Nov 24th-26th 2017

Indianapolis, IN 46241

Starbase Indy has a new mission and focus this year: “Celebrating Star Trek’s vision of the future by promoting humanitarianism and STEM education today.” This three day event includes over 100 presentations, activities, and performances. Featured guests will include science educators Kyle Hill and Dr. Mohamed Noor, who will use pop culture references to teach real science; astronaut Dr. David Wolf, who will share his experiences in space - from piloting Shuttle Missions to spending time on space stations and conducting spacewalks; actors Denise Crosby and Robert O’Reilly, who will talk about what it was like to be cast members of various Star Trek series, and linguist Marc Okrand, who will discuss the process behind inventing the languages used on Star Trek. Attendees will have the opportunity to play characters from the Star Trek universe in our Kobyashi-Maroom puzzle room and the Flies in Amber Live Action Role Play presented by PST Productions. Interactive starship bridge simulations will let them try their hand at working with a crew to pilot a starship. Science activities will allow them to extract fruit DNA, experience virtual reality, program lego robots, and much more. Several concerts, karaoke, a costume contest, and panels discussing various science fiction shows will provide additional entertainment throughout the weekend. On Sunday, family-oriented programming will run from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, with a carnival of activities for students ranging from Tribble making to working with robotics. The Indy Lightsaber Academy will be on hand to teach people to use light sabers. Teams from the Indiana First Robotics will be on hand to show off their robots and talk more about how their program inspires high school students to go into the STEM fields.

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