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Nan Desu Kan [tweet this] Nan Desu Kan website nandesukan on Twitter

Sep 12th-14th 2014 • Marriott DTC, Denver, CO 80237

animation, anime, art, board game, card game, celebrity, comics, cosplay, costume, craft, dance, fan, fan fiction, film, geek, karaoke, manga, media, music, steampunk, tea party, video game, writing,

Nan Desu Kan (a Japanese pun translating loosely to ‘what is it?’) began its life in 1997 at the Tivoli Student Union as a small, fan-run convention with just 200 or so attendees. These days, several hotels and more than a decade later, NDK is still a fan-run convention. And with a total weekend attendance of more than 21,000 (over 7,000 people per day), it’s now the largest convention in Colorado and 14 surrounding states (excluding Texas), as well as one of the top ten largest anime conventions in the country. Every year, we invite a number of industry guests from North America and Japan to come to NDK, including voice actors, directors, art directors, and others. Our guests put on panels, participate as judges in our contests, and hold autograph sessions throughout the weekend. They’ve even been known to hang out with attendees from time to time. And time after time, we hear how much our guests love NDK and our attendees because they keep asking us if they can come back!

SCARE-A-CON [tweet this] SCARE-A-CON website scareacon on Twitter

Sep 12th-14th 2014 • Turning Stone Casino, Verona, NY 13478

anime, card game, celebrity, collectibles, comics, computer, cosplay, costume, doctor who, fan, fantasy, film, geek, ghosts, halloween, horror, media, music, paranormal, roleplaying game, science fiction, star trek, star wars, steampunk, zombie,

Northeast’s largest horror & sci-fi fan convention. Celebrities, parties, panel discussions, and film festival.

Scarefest Horror and Paranormal Convention [tweet this] Scarefest Horror and Paranormal Convention website thescarefest on Twitter Scarefest Horror and Paranormal Convention MySpace

Sep 12th-14th 2014 • Lexington Center, Lexington, KY 40508

art, fan, film, horror, literary, media, paranormal, zombie,

The Scare Fest is the Largest Horror and Paranormal Convention in the southeast. Come and meet your favorite celebrities in the horror and paranormal community. Over 100 Vendors, Special Media Showing, and Seminars with the Stars will Highlight the event!

Sci-Con Tampa [tweet this] Sci-Con Tampa website SciConTampa on Twitter

Sep 26th-28th 2014 • Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL 33607

art, celebrity, comics, cosplay, costume, dance, fan, fan fiction, fantasy, film, geek, karaoke, literary, media, music, science, science fiction, space, star trek, steampunk, technology, video game, writing,

Sci-Con Tampa arrives on the Tampa convention scene focused on bringing fans an intimate, fan-friendly convention experience the whole family can enjoy. Guest line-up includes Battlestar Galactica's Richard Hatch, Jack Stauffer, and Nicki Clyne; and Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Aron Eisenberg. Joining these fan favorites will be former NASA astronaut Story Musgrave and other surprise guests. This is a fan run, multi-genre convention where science meets fiction. Features dealer room, panels, workshops, large prop displays, COSplay, Costume party with dancing and live DJ, Karaoke fun and more!

Necronomicon [tweet this] Necronomicon website Necronomicon_Fl on Twitter

Oct 3rd-5th 2014 • Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL 33604

board game, card game, collectibles, comics, cosplay, dance, doctor who, fan, fan fiction, fantasy, filk, geek, larp, literary, music, roleplaying game, science, science fiction, space, star trek, star wars, stargate, steampunk, twitter, writing,

Necronomicon is the longest running SF/Fantasy/Horror convention in Florida. This is our 33rd year! GoH is Eric Flint. Other guests include Richard Lee Byers, Johanna Bolton, Kat Heckenbach and Timothy Zahn (more to be added). Panels, Dealers room, Art Show, Gaming, Masquerade, Necronomiprom, Ygor Party, Talent Show and much more!

CAN-CON [tweet this] CAN-CON website CanConSF on Twitter

Oct 3rd-5th 2014 • Ottawa Sheraton, Ottawa, ON K1P 5G2

academic, anime, comics, cosplay, costume, dance, doctor who, fan, fantasy, filk, furry, geek, goth, harry potter, horror, literary, media, music, pirate, science, science fiction, space, technology, vampire, weird, writing, zine, zombie,

CAN-CON is The Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature, The cutting edge of science fiction and fantasy, put on by The Society for Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature. CAN-CON is a science fiction convention with a professional orientation assembling writers, scientists, publishing professionals and fans for panel discussions, presentations, readings, launches, and networking opportunities.

Santa Fe Comic Con [tweet this] Santa Fe Comic Con website sfcomcon on Twitter

Oct 24th-26th 2014 • Buffalo Thunder, Santa Fe, NM 87506

animation, board game, card game, celebrity, collectibles, comics, cosplay, costume, doctor who, fan, fan fiction, film, furry, geek, ghosts, goth, halloween, horror, larp, literary, manga, media, miniatures, mystery, paranormal, pirate, pulp, robot, roleplaying game, romance, science, star trek, star wars, steampunk, ufo, vampire, video game, war game, weird, zombie,

New Mexico Tri Con featuring Horror, Sci Fi and Comic Books all rolled into the best for Santa Fe Comic Con Following the 7th successful show of Albuquerque Comic Con Santa Fe Comic Con will bring the same quality and fun to the Santa Fe Community. At the Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort just outside of Santa Fe New Mexico.

Operacon [tweet this] Operacon website operasf on Twitter

Mar 12th-15th 2015 • Hilton Milwaukee City Center, Milwaukee, WI 53203

celebrity, costume, fan, fantasy, horror, literary, music, science fiction, steampunk,

A four-day relaxacon in conjunction with the world premiere in Milwaukee of The Snow Dragon, the latest opera by award-winning sf and horror writer Somtow Sucharitkul (aka S.P. Somtow). Events will include opening night at the opera and a post-show party on Friday, March 13, talks by the directors and composer, hanging out in the con suite with Somtow and other fans and enjoying such Milwaukee specialties as cheese, fish fry, cheese, bratwurst, cheese, summer sausage, cheese, bheer, cheese, German fare, cheese, brandy old fashioneds, cheese, frozen custard, cheese curds and more cheese. Come as you are or get out your formalwear, historic garb or steampunk finery.

Universe Multicultural Film Festival [tweet this] Universe Multicultural Film Festival website UMFF on Twitter

Apr 17th-19th 2015 • Promonet of the Pennisula, Norcross, GA 30010

animation, art, celebrity, fan, film, media, music,

Film has the power to bring history to life, open windows into other cultures and engage in a way that no other medium can duplicate. Universe multicultural film festival provides an equal stage for every culture to show and shine. For film lovers, it is a place for the unique movies that can open their mind and fresh their eyes. For film makers, it is a fantastic place to meet with the others to create cross cultural film project; For distributers, it is a market that have most diversify films to choice for; For locals, it is a wonderful festival that full of fun and cultural education.

MSP Comicon [tweet this] MSP Comicon website MCBA1 on Twitter

May 16th-17th 2015 • MN State Fairgrounds - Grandstand, Saint Paul, MN 55109

anime, art, comics, cosplay, fan, steampunk, weird, zine,

The MSP Comicon (formerly known as SpringCon), is one of the Midwest’s largest celebrations of comic book culture, it is a unique regional nexus of graphic literature and the wildly diverse communities that fuel it, produce it, and and ultimately consume it. Given the fact that the Midwest has a long standing and somewhat inexplicable reputation of producing a disproportionate number of working comic book & graphic literature professionals, including comic book writers, artists, inkers, etc., as well as being a breeder reactor for new and independent talent, it’s no wonder that FallCon has become one of the leading comic book conventions nationwide amongst the creative community, dealers and especially amongst the fans.

D23 Expo [tweet this] D23 Expo website D23Expo on Twitter

Aug 14th-16th 2015 • Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA 92802

animation, fan, fantasy,

The largest Disney fan event in the world, the D23 Expo celebrates all the wonderful worlds of Disney entertainment, uniting all parts of The Walt Disney Company under one roof.


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