Thaumatrope Fiction Relocation Project

The Thaumatrope Fiction Relocation Project is a program to help get professionally written nanofiction into your convention program books.

This space intentionally left blank?


It looks just as empty in your program book.

You’re putting together a program book for your convention… the only problem is that you’ve got empty spaces in your layout… maybe it’s even those last few pages at the back of the program that you don’t have content for… what are you going to do? Traditionally you’ve used spot illustrations or attached the message: “intentionally left blank” — but what if it were simple and easy for you to use nanofiction? Consider this: Writers want to get their names and stories in convention program books and in front of science fiction, fantasy, and horror fans. Wouldn’t you like to use their little bits of fiction to fill the oddly shaped gaps in your layout?

Fill in the gaps with Thaumatrope fiction.

Review the agreement below and register today. Choose from 309 stories that have already appeared on Thaumatrope by authors from around the world. You'll even be able to find Thaumatrope stories by local authors who live within 120 miles of your convention—it’s just a simple search by US or Canadian postal code.

* But wait, there’s more! Send us a copy of your program book containing a Thaumatrope story and we’ll mention your convention on Thaumatrope. Please include a note that lets us know which page the story appears on (and send it to: Thaumatrope c/o N.E. Lilly, P.O. Box 93, Parker Ford, PA 19457).

Special Thanks to Patti Kinlock and Balticon for being a pilot member of this project.

Author Agreement:

By adding a work of fiction to the project, the author [hereinafter referred to as The Author] has agreed to allow convention planning organizations [hereinafter referred to as The Convention] the free, nonexclusive reprint rights to the designated work in association with The Convention’s program/souvenir book publication (in printed and electronic editions as applicable) with proper attribution, copyright, and publication information. The Author retains all other associated rights to the work. The Author guarantees that the work is their own and that they have the right to grant the use of it.

Convention Agreement:

The Convention will be granted free nonexclusive reprint rights to the work in association with their program/souvenir book publication (in printed and electronic editions of the souvenir book as applicable). Any and all additional rights (additional publications, audio, etc.) have been retained by the Author and must be negotiated separately. Sending copies of the program book to Thaumatrope and the author is appreciated. By publishing the work in their program book, The Convention agrees to the following:

  1. The Convention may code the work as needed for presentation in their souvenir book but will make no changes in text without the Author’s explicit permission.
  2. Proper attribution and copyright information must remain with the work.
  3. Publishing history must remain with the work.

Fiction provided by Thaumatrope, used with permission.


Are you a Thaumatrope Author who would like to participate in the Thaumatrope Fiction Relocation Project? Join now

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