Conventions with Star Trek programming

science fiction

Starbase Indy The Twentieth Generation

Nov 27th-29th 2015

Indianapolis, IN 46241

Run by fans for fans, Starbase Indy celebrates its 20th Generation with celebrity guests, science programming, an epic costume contest, and more!

celebrity, cosplay, costume, fan, filk, geek, karaoke, media, science, science fiction, space, star trek, stargate

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Buckeye Comic Con

Nov 29th 2015

Columbus, OH 43228

Comic Book Convention featuring dealers buying, selling and trading Comic Books and related merchandise. Admission $4.00, Age 6 & Under Free. Free Parking. A Quality Event at and Affordable Price!

collectibles, comics, pop culture, science fiction, star trek, star wars, zombie

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New Year’s PartyCon

Dec 31st, 2015-Jan 1st 2016

Breinigsville, PA 18031

PartyCon is half convention, half social meetup, and 100% rockin’ New Years celebration! In addition to the New Years party essentials like live music, tasty food, drinks, and dancing, we’ve added tabletop gaming, video game tournaments, anime screenings, and of course, lots of cosplay. You’ll also be able to meet comic artists, sci-fi authors, and buy awesome merchandise from dozens of vendors. More than most geek gatherings, PartyCon emphasizes the social aspect of fandom. Maybe there’s a new board game you’re interested in, but you don’t have anyone to play it with. Play a demo match in our game room! Maybe your RPG group has broken up and moved away. Make some new friends and plot a new campaign as the balloons drop! Maybe you’re new to the area or it’s been tough to find that special someone that gets you. Kindle a new romance at one of our speed dating sessions and dance the night away! And PartyCon is family friendly, too. Mom and dad can’t find a babysitter for the holiday? Bring the kids along and let their imaginations run wild! Whether it’s Breakfast with the Superheroes or our Giant Nerf Battle, there will be plenty for them to do! So if you’re looking for a new and exciting way to kick off 2016… If the bar scene just isn’t for you… If you’re tired of getting weird looks when you hit the dance floor in your hoop dress and steam-powered parasol… …then join us at PartyCon!

anime, art, board game, collectibles, comics, cosplay, doctor who, fantasy, geek, kaiju, pulp, roleplaying game, science fiction, space, star trek, star wars, stargate, steampunk, victoriana, video game, war game, writing

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Feb 6th-7th 2016

San Diego, CA 92108

Come out to Cos-Losseum!!! We are a new event that caters to Cosplay, Anime, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, etc.

animation, anime, art, card game, celebrity, collectibles, comics, cosplay, costume, craft, doctor who, fan, fan fiction, fantasy, film, geek, horror, manga, monster, science fiction, star trek, star wars, stargate, steampunk, video game, zombie

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Feb 12th-14th 2016

Pasco, WA 99301

RadCon is a general Science Fiction/Fantasy convention held annually in Pasco, WA during President’s day weekend. The membership to our convention totals more than 2,500 attendees. The RadCon Guild, the organization that sponsors and operates RadCon, is a Washington State not-for-profit corporation whose goal is to support Education, Writing and Film through the Science Fiction Genre.

academic, anime, art, board game, burlesque, card game, celebrity, collectibles, comics, cosplay, costume, dance, disney, doctor who, fairy, fan, fan fiction, fantasy, film, furry, ghosts, glbt, goth, harry potter, historical, horror, larp, literary, media, miniatures, music, pirate, pop culture, renaissance, roleplaying game, science, science fiction, space, star trek, star wars, stargate, steampunk, twitter, vampire, victoriana, video game, war game, weird, writing, zombie

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science fiction


Apr 15th-17th 2016

Tucker, GA 30084

Treklanta (formerly TrekTrax Atlanta), hosted by the USS Republic NCC-1371, is an annual science fiction convention based in Atlanta, Georgia, dedicated to space opera in general and Star Trek in particular, that places special emphasis on fan-based events, activities, programming and productions. The first three conventions, held from 2011 to 2013, were devoted exclusively to the Star Trek franchise. In 2014, the convention expanded its focus to include other space opera franchises such as Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Babylon 5.

art, board game, celebrity, cosplay, costume, fan, film, geek, karaoke, media, science fiction, star trek, star wars, stargate

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